Monday, 14 July 2014


First things first, HOW THE FLIP IS IT THE MIDDLE OF JULY. I'm having a very big struggle with the concept of time (and the apparent lack of it) right now, and as such it's been a very slack couple of weeks on the blogging front. Too much work, little play. Can't I just become a full time blogger already? No? Oh well, have a Birchbox review while I try and redeem myself.

After being reeled in by last months amazing Birchbox, it felt only fair to give it another go. I was never expecting it to be quite as grand as June's, and didn't have high hopes based on the reviews I'd already seen - but presume I should not, for I was pleasantly surprised. Let's 'av a run down.
  • Model's Own nail polish in Aqua Splash. I really rate the Model's Own polishes so I was very excited to spot this! This is a flakie-finish top coat, and while they can be a little difficult to work with this gives a beautiful finish (particularly over a dark base colour). I'd also recommend Indian Ocean (a duochrome finish lilac/blue top coat - gorgeous over light grey) and Juicy Jules (the glitteriest motherfucker you ever did see - royal pain in the arse to get off. So worth it). RRP £5
  • Laqa & Co Sheer Lip Lube pencil in Menatour. I was very pleased with this, since all the reviews I saw featured the peachy coral shade of this which is on offer - lovely colour, but coral is not a colour that flatters me. Sheer but somewhat buildable with a little hard work, this gives a wash of not quite pink, not quite purple colour. Would I pay the RRP? Probably not, but I prefer a bolder lip usually - and it's nice to try something you wouldn't usually buy otherwise. RRP £14
  • Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream. Eh. That's about all. Does anyone actually buy Balance Me products? They seem to constantly be dolled out as freebies with magazines - not complaining, I love me a freebie! But I struggle with eye creams and this is far too light for me - it's very refreshing, but I won't be using it long enough to comment on the brightening qualities. Probably a nice treat for tired eyes on a warm day if you're less freakishly dry than I. RRP £20
  • Benefit The Porefessional. I never would have thought to pick this up - as well rated as it seems to be, I just assumed it wouldn't suit my skin. But this is the joy of samples - it's great! Under my Bourjois Healthy Mix it gives a smooth, long lasting finish without drying out my skin in the process. Also very handy since I'd just run out of primer this week.. Birchbox is so on my wavelength. RRP £24.50
  • Whish Three Wishes Lavender Body Butter. Oh, more body creams. GOOD. But jkz, because I have samples coming out of my ears when it comes to body creams, and very rarely do they see light of day. I just don't get excited over them, plus.. it's an effort. Smells nice though - I'm a big fan of lavender and its relaxing qualities. The scent of this isn't over powering, but just enough to make me smile. RRP £14.50
  • Filosofille 4-sided nail buffer. Nothing exciting but these are super useful, and my current one is looking very tatty! Not ideal for shaping nails but useful for buffing them down and adding shine, these buffer blocks are a handy little tool to keep in the nail care arsenal.

All in all - DECENT. I think I'm getting the beauty box bug. I've been eyeing up the Latest in Beauty Glamour beauty edit box - almost £90 worth of products for £17? My bargain hunting senses are tingling.

Peace for now, beauty buffs.

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