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sigh. I can restrain from spending on almost anything except skincare. Bags? whatevz. Shoes? Eh, I'll think about it. Clothes? nah, I'll probably only wear it once. But I just love new skincare products, particularly when they're from a brand I already know and love. In this blogs short life I've mentioned La Roche-Posay more times than I dare count, but seriously. It's in good reason. Targeted products for the majority of skincare concerns, no frills branding, and very respectable prices given the efficacy of their products. Some of their products are firm favourites, others have shown good results but been swapped out in the name of product comparison, but none of them have truly failed me yet. And with todays package from Escentual landing on my doorstep (thanks mr postman), my adoration has only grown.

Oooooh yeah, that packaging. Clinical minimalistic goodness. I'm slightly upset about ruining the two tone continuity with the Nuxe package, but it's only fair - it was a part of the haul after all.

Let's get the run down, L-R.
  • LRP Nutritic Intense Riche. This is my third repurchase of this product, because hot dayum it's AMAZING. It's intensive, soothing, comes in a glass jar (I'm all about those glass jars), and moisturises my skin to perfection overnight. Not too heavy on the skin but so luxurious and creamy when applied, this is the moisturiser my life lacked for so long, and the product that turned me in to a complete slave to LRP. RRP £16.50
  • LRP Physiological Cleansing Milk. I've previously mentioned the fact that I've been committed to Clarins' cleansing milk to normal/dry skin for approximately forever, but I'm nearing the end of a bottle and it's pretty pricey stuff for my budget. This LRP is a fantastic alternative - aimed at dry to very dry and sensitive skin types, it cleanses effortlessly, soothes and comforts the skin, and doesn't sting sensitive eyes. It's everything a cleanser should be, and wipes away the residue of my initial oil cleanse no probs. But, I ADORE the smell of the Clarins milk, so much so that it might be enough to lure me back. Soz, LRP. This stuff is on form and both are fantastic for dry/sensitive skin, but Clarins has my heart on this occasion. RRP £12
  • LRP Hydraphase Intense Riche. Purchased for use as a day time moisturiser underneath make up, this baby was a very solid purchase. I've previously tried the LRP Hydreane Rich and the Avene Hydrance Optimale - both lovely products, but I find the moisturising quality somewhat short lived, causing my make up to flake after a few hours wear. But even on the first application of the Hydraphase, it felt different - intense and nourishing like the Nuritic, but with a much lighter texture (and a handy pump!). The feeling is long lasting, and hasn't left my face feeling parched after a short while. This baby promises 24hr hydration (unlikely on my whacked out face, but we'll try), and contains hyuralonic acid fragments - great for dehydrated skin due to it's ability to hold mammoth amounts of water. HAPPY SKIN AHOY. RRP £16.50
  • LRP Lipikar Baume AP. I purchased this on something of a whim after reading a great review. The Lipikar range is designed with dry, very dry and eczema prone skin types in mind, so it already had my name written all over it. My eczema has decided to re-emerge recently (lolthanks), and while I already have an arsenal of products to keep it fairly under control, I'm always happy expand that. This is a 'lipid replenshing body balm', with anti-irritattion and anti-scratching benefits (itch scratch cycle and all that). Honestly? I'm underwhelmed, and it's the first time I can say that for an LRP product. It does feel incredibly moisturising, due to the shea butter and canola oil, and would be great just for dry skin - but anti-irritation and anti-scratch it is not, which is what I really needed from it. I still love ya LRP, but less of that please. RRP £12.50
  • LRP Lipikar Xerand hand repair cream. This was purchased out of interest after my success with the Cicaplast hand cream (which I discussed here), and it's another solid hand cream effort to blow your standard high street offerings out of the water, in my opinion. A more creamy/lotion type texture that the Cicaplast, the Lipikar hand cream is rapidly moisturising but with long lasting effect, and quick to absorb. It's far less rich than the Cicaplast Hands, so I'll probably opt for this as my day-to-day hand cream while my hands are a little calmer - the Cicaplast worked a treat to soothe my very dry, cracked, and infuriatingly itchy hands while they were flaring, so there's another definite repurchase for the future! The Lipikar Xerand would be fantastic for most people and as a means of maintaining silky soft hands, particularly given a) how cheap it is and b) how fast it absorbs, great for thoroughout the day application wherever you may be. RRP £5
  • Nuxe RĂªve de Miel Lip Balm. I always thought nearly £10 seemed a little steep for a lip balm, so I took advantage of the 1/3 off promotion to see if this really lives up to the hype. It smells gorgeous, I love the glass jar (frosted for bonus points), it feels thick and nourishing without any stickiness, and 15g is a LOT of product for a lip balm - given that a 4.25g tube of Burts Bees lasts me an inifnite amount of time (definitely not because they get lost before I have a chance to finish them...), this pot ought to last for many moons to come. RRP £9.50
Phew, review DONE. I can't recommend LRP products enough - obviously I sway more to the dry/very dry and dehydrated side of things, but they have top quality and very highly rated products for oily, acne prone, redness prone and aging skin types also, so take a gander. Saying that.. I'm getting cold feet. I LOVE LRP, but I'm a total sucker for new skincare! After falling for the Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid sample in this months Birchbox, I'm feeling a bit of a Caudalie thang coming on. Better get saving first..

Escentual's 1/3 off French Pharmacy promotion ends on 30th June, so get cracking for great products with a fair chunk of money off the RRP!

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  1. I really want to try La Roche Posay products, especially the nutritic intense Riche since you've really made me want to buy it!

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