Thursday, 5 June 2014


Two lots of goodies arrived at my doorstep today, and I'm pretty effin' pumped about both of them. These are items that have been on my wishlist for some time now, and neither were bank breaking! HOORAY ALL AROUND!

First up, yet more La Roche-Posay goodness. I'm beyond pretending I'm not a slave to all things LRP now.

Isn't there just something so glorious about that blue and white packaging? I really like the simple, somewhat clinical appearance - no frills, just "I work. BUY ME".

I picked these two up from Escentual while they've got their 1/3 off French pharmacy brands promotion, having been eyeing them up for a while. Both are from the Cicaplast range, aimed at "accelerating repair of sensitive irritated or altered skin". As I mentioned in my last post, I'm pretty eczema prone and my hands tend to suffer the most, with the skin being very dry and fragile recently - enter Cicaplast Mains (..hands. It's a hand cream). This is a very thick product with a consistency very similar to that of the Neutrogena concentrated hand creams. It has no fragrance, and it's main active ingredients are niacinamide (vitamin B3, used for its anti inflammatory properties), and glycerin (for moisture). 

Oh man. This stuff. It's completely non-greasy, absorbs faster than any other hand cream I've tried, and leaves your hands feeling like they may as well have been blessed by angels for SO LONG. At the point of writing, I applied it about 2 hours ago and I just cannot. stop. touching. my own hands. Weird. But so so good. It's currently only £4.33 at Escentual and I thoroughly suggest you buy some RIGHT NOW. Buy several. One for every bag you own and more for every room in your house. It's that nice.

The Cicaplast Baume B5 is something I've (somewhat thankfully) not had the chance to try out yet - I bought it with the intention of using it on mild eczema flare ups. It's a multi-purpose balm (though very much the consistency of a cream.. as opposed to the hand cream, which has the consistency of a balm. WHATEVZ) designed to, like the rest of the range, accelerate the recovery of damaged skin, with ingredients like panthenol (an analogue of panthenoic acid, or vitamin B5 - commonly used for moisturising properties in skin and haircare) and a copper/manganese/zinc complex (offering antibacterial, anti inflammatory and wound healing properties). It also contains something called Madecassoside which I'm admittedly not familiar with, but it appears to be anti inflammatory, along with having use in wound healing and promoting collagen synthesis. Win win win.

Don't think the uses for this stuff are limited to eczema. Reviews have raved about its use for nappy rash, healing burns (but don't apply it to open wounds!), shaving rash, dry lips, spots (given the multitude of anti inflammatory ingredients it contains), insect bites, or just slap it on as a super powered moisturiser. I'm really excited to give this a go.. but would also rather my skin didn't flare up! I may try it out as a day moisturiser out of interest, because there's just so much hype around all the wonderful things this can seemingly do. This is also currently £4.33 at Escentual for 40mL size, and is also available in 100mL.

*UPDATE ALERT!* I tried it as something of a moisturiser overnight and I'm sold. As you rub it in to the skin it changes from a cream texture to that more of a balm, and it feels so soothing without any hint of greasiness. My skin felt much the same in the morning (my LRP Nutritic Intense Riche moisturiser has been doing a damn good job at controlling any hint of dryness), but I did notice a very persistent blemish I've had at the end of my nose (nice) for about 2 weeks had almost completely disappeared! So I suppose that says something good for the anti inflammatory properties of this at least. I've since been liberally applying this to my rather sad, dry elbows, and I'm already eyeing up the 100mL size..

LRP hype DONE. But probably not for long. Next up: make up brushes which I can afford to buy more than one of?! Stay tuned..

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