Wednesday, 11 June 2014


£1, man. How is it even feasible to sell a lipstick for ONE POUND?!

Not that I'm complaining.

I'm sure everyone has cottoned on to the MUA range by now, but I still continue to be pleasantly surprised by what they have to offer. I'm a BIG fan of their 'Power Brow' brow pencil from their Luxe range, along with their Pro Base fixing spray and their insanely priced £4 eyeshadow palettes. But recently I've become something of a glutton for lip colours, having disregard them for so long (classic case of small lips = NO TO LIP PRODUCTS). I very rarely wear a non-matte lip colours (with the exception of MAC's 'Shy Girl', which is delightfully inoffensive in every way), so when I spotted the new matte shades in the MUA range, I was all over dat. Plus, 3 for 2. What's a girl to do?

MUA matte lipstick in 'Lilac Belle'

MUA matte lipstick in 'Fancy Fawn'

So, rookie error - it's REALLY FREAKIN HOT today and my face has been sweating like nobody's biz. Unfortunately I didn't really consider anything beyond my lips when taking these photos, so.. maybe don't take this as a standard representation of my make up application. Anyway.

I absolutely love these lipsticks, and who the heck wouldn't for £1?! 'Lilac Belle' satisfies my cravings for all things purple with regards to lip products - while I'm (still) besotted with Revlon's 'Shameless' and MAC's 'Heroine', I'd been on the lookout for something a little more subtle and less WHAM IN YO FACE/daytime goth. I really struggled to capture this true to colour, because it teeters between pink and purple, neither really one nor the other. It's subtle, but different. Did I mention it's a pound? It takes a little work to get a good intensity of colour, and admittedly the staying power is what you would except for £1 - but it's all worth it.

'Fancy Fawn' is disturbingly neutral given my usual tastes, but unfortunately a purple lip isn't always appropriate I guess. It's a great shade for me though, and probably verging on 'my lips but better' territory - just enough to finish a look off. I'm really pleased with this colour, and it'll probably be something of a staple for lazy, 'no make-up make-up' days. 

I'm truly impressed with these products - I know it's difficult not to appreciate the MUA products given their price, but the original £1 lipsticks just don't do it for me (in terms of colour or finish - they're just not my jam). The mattes are right up my street though, and their sleek white packaging and deliciously sweet scent (à la MAC) just top off an already great product.

MUA products are available through Superdrug, or online at

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  1. Wow, they look amazing! It's hard to find matte lipsticks in the German drugstore in general - let alone for such a cheap price.