Monday, 21 July 2014


So it's not just nail polishes that have been on the bank balance offensive this week. After a mere post-work stroll in to House of Fraser to have a whiff of the new Marc Jacobs fragrance (Daisy Dream - lovely and fresh for summer, though I generally prefer my fragrances a tad sweeter), I noticed a whole new Kiehl's counter! Like your average high street sucker and skincare lover, I was drawn in by the gorgeous displays and colourful yet still somewhat clinical design. I think I'm convinced by things with a clinical appearance - probably why I love LRP and Boots so much. Absolute sucker. Also the dangers of working in a city centre.

Otherwise overlooked- Botanics Instant Moisture Mist. A super refreshing, lightly moisturising aerosol spray which has been something of a godsend on these muggy days. Currently £3.29.

Believe it or not (given the size of that carrier bag), I actually only left with a small tub of the Creamy Eye Treatment. Kiehl's products generally don't seem to be that well reviewed with the exception of a few products, including this little number. I generally avoid eye creams since they're often not a lot of product for an awful lot of money  (and sometimes even just repackaged moisturiser), but I've had my eye (heh) on this for a while. It's rich - very rich - which is just what my dry, dehydrated eyes are crying out for. It contains shea butter and avocado oil, and as you gently rub this in it turns from a thick, creamy texture to a light, almost watery one. Freakin' magic. A couple of nights worth of liberal use has sorted some minor flaking round my eyes right out, and I also tried it out on some persistent dryness at the corners of my mouth - low and behold, it's most definitely improving! You really need the smallest amount of this, so that in combination with it's versatile nature makes it well worth treating yourself in my opinion. For some comparison, I used Clinique's All About Eyes Rich for quite a long time, and this immediately blows that out of the water. Infact, it's like Clinique don't even know the meaning of the word 'rich'. SORT IT OUT.

A texture which screams PUT ME ON YOUR FACE!

At £20 it certainly isn't the cheapest eye cream I've tried, nor the most expensive - but it certainly has the most satisfying and nourishing texture, so I'm pretty sold. The staff at the Khiels counter were also incredibly polite and helpful, and you get 3 free samples with your purchase too. Even better, you get a choice! I opted for the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve (nice, but unfortunately not a patch on my ever loved LRP Cicaplast Mains), and the Micro-Blur Skin Perfector, since I seem to be making the rounds on primer samples at the moment, and had Creme de Corps thrown in as a bonus. I also picked up a sample of the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask from some very helpful staff in Boots, which I've used a couple of times and absolutely LOVE - so I'll most certainly be picking up a full size tube of that in that near future. 

I've got a couple of beauty boxes on their way to me, but I'll be reeling in the spending this week otherwise - or just a self imposed polish ban at least!

An unrelated side note - while in Boots (it's always in Boots, isn't it?!) I had a go with a sample of Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Skin Protectant cream, having heard all sorts of wonderful things about it. They only had a tube of the newer fragrance free version for testing, and holy hell guys.. it REEKS. I'm not a person who's particularly sensitive to smells, but yeah. That would not go near my face. Does anyone know if the original, fragranced version is more tolerable?

Ciao for now, chums.

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