Sunday, 20 July 2014


It's been a pretty heavy going week on the nail polish front. I've had a problem with polishes for quite some time now, but bar a few sporadic 3 for 2 Barry M purchases I'd managed to refrain for a while. But then I went in to TK Maxx (see my previous post r.e OPI's A Woman's Prague-ative).. and then I noticed Fragrance Direct had a bunch of new polishes in.. and THEN Boots only went and put a bunch of Models Own on clearance didn't they. Unfortunately the latter was at the expense of my local store removing their Models Own stand in it's entirety - I'm royally miffed since they did some gorgeous polishes unlike any from other drugstore brands. Alas.

The offending Fragrance Direct purchase. Essie Mind Your Mittens, For The Twill of It, Vested Interest and Power Clutch (£2.25 each). OPI I Brake For Manicures and Are We There Yet? (£3.99 each). Ciate Stricly Legal (£2.99). Orly Liquid Vinyl (£2.99).

I'm on a bit of a dark nail hype right now - can you tell? The purchase of Are We There Yet? therefore felt somewhat necessary to break up the doom and gloom, but they're all great polishes in terms of colour, and I've never had a problem with the consistency or finish of polishes from any of the 4 brands. I can't recommend Fragrance Direct enough - they do a huge variety of products but I've only ever bought polishes from there. The prices are great, products are fab and the delivery is fast. Get on it if you haven't already. So far I've only worn Essie's Vested Interest, which is a lovely grey/blue/teal mash up that appeals to all my needs in terms of dark, somewhat earthy colours. I had to include of close up of Ciate's Strictly Legal though - galaxy in a bottle, non?!

oooooh yeah

I picked up 3 Models Own polishes in Boots, at a purse friendly £2.50 each. A couple of these had been on my infinite polish wishlist for a while now - Southern Lights and Absinthe, with Bronze Rage being a whimmy purchase (cos boy do I love me a metallic finish). Forgive the bad lighting and poor angle, because nothing quite captures just how intensely glittery Southern Lights is. Also, the lid on Absinthe is velvet - I love nail polish, I love velvet, what's a girl to do.

You get the gist.

Now all I need to do is actually use them all. My poor nails.

Peace, lovers!


  1. Models own are my absolute favourite I love them!! X

  2. Essie Mind Your Mittens is the perfect autumn/winter shade! I got it from the little winter collection cube and it's the prettiest.