Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I like to go a bit cray cray with the eyeshadow. I love me a bright purple lipstick. I've spent many days and nights perfecting my brow game. But some times I just cannot be bothered, or it's just too hot, or I just feel like embracing my inner ~beach babe~ (cringe). Alongside an ever evolving skincare routine, I've been focusing on simple but fresh faced makeup recently, and I'm liking the results - its quicker in the mornings, there's less upkeep through the day, and my skins looking fairly on point (bar the persistent dryness around my mouth - WHY?!?!). Today I swapped out my usual brown liner for a jazzy turquoise number, and it's amazing how much a small change can perk up a look.

I've been wearing this look in slight variations for a while, and the power of a good fresh faced look is in the base. I have in my arsenal a few choice weapons:

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix. If you're feeling a little more confident with your skin you could opt for a BB cream or tinted moisturiser to keep it super fresh, but I find this Bourjois offering gives perfect light-medium coverage while maintaining that 'inner glow'. Another one I like for this look is MAC Face and Body, but guys, two words for you - BEAUTY. BLENDER. Nothing gets my foundation looking quite so skinlike, and can't reccomend it enough. Oh, and another couple of words: STEP AWAY FROM THE MATTE FINISHES. 
  • Sleek Face Form palette. Not just for this look.. for pretty much every look I ever create. A good matte bronzer (not orange! WOO), a powder highlight and a gorgeous pink/gold blush. I left the blush untouched for this look, with just a light sweep of bronzer on the cheekbones/jawline/temples, and highlight on the cheekbones, nose and upper lip. A gentle hand will suffice - let's not get all Kim K up in here.
  • Sleek Blush in Coral. As lovely as the Rose Gold blush from the Face Form palette is, it's just a little too much on the shimmery side of things for this look. Coral is a matte finish, barely there colour (though it can be built up), which adds a bit of dimension to the face - nothing about that uniform colour look that comes with using foundation really screams 'so natural! SO FRESH!'
That's the uber basics. In this look I also used Khiel's Micro Blur Skin Perfector to prime, and a touch of Laura Mercier Mineral Powder to set my unusually oily nose (I am typically drier than the Sahara. I have no idea what's happening) - the ultimate choice in setting powder here would probably something in the fashion of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural or the Hourglass Ambient Light powders. Wow, such glow. 

The rest of this look is very simple - a touch of brown powder and Maybelline Brow Drama through the brows, GOSH Velvet Touch pencils in Rebellious Brown and I Sea You (obviously if you're going for a true 'no make-up make-up' vibe, perhaps omit the turquoise liner - though I thoroughly advocate it), Natural Collection LashLength mascara (still the best £1.99 of my life), and a very light slick of Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish in 03. If you just can't find a good nude shade, a tinted moisturiser if just sufficient to bring it all together. Bonus - soft soft lips.

I suppose this is really too simple to be a tutorial, and is more just guidance. It's also a reminder that sometimes it's nice to just to step it back and let the small details do the talking, like that smallest sweep of coloured liner.  Plus it's nice to have a simple routine to fall back on that still promises good results - because not every day do I have the inclination to get my wings and brows perfectly even, or to keep reapplying that bold lip colour. And ultimately, I'm a lazy sod.. who likes to look nice. COMPROMISE!

Peace, beauties.

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