Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Combating dryness is the name of my game. For years I was slapping all manner of lotions and potions on my face without really understanding my skin type or what ingredients were appropriate for it, spending horrible amounts of money on all sorts of products, ranging from the high end to the high street offerings. I'm pretty chuffed with my current routine though - it's kept any visible flaking, uncomfortable tightness and eczema at bay (for now. Touch wood). So, here's some gunk and stuff that made my jowls happy.


OH HOLY SAVIOUR. HOW I LOVE THEE SO. Coconut oil easily made the biggest change to my skin in a long, long time. I initially dismissed it, assuming it wouldn't be rich enough to really moisturise my pathetic skin. I WAS WRONG. And that's not something I admit too often. However, in addition to making my face super soft, it proved to be a superb make up remover. This little lovely melts away any traces of make up, and is a far more economical option compared than my old favourite, Clinique's 'Take the Day Off'. HOWEVER, coconut oil is known to be pretty comedogenic (i.e., can aggravate acne), so it's best to patch test first. If you're not familiar with the virtues of oil cleansing however, I suggest you swiftly march on over to the SkincareAddition reddit for all sorts of wonderful advice. It doesn't end at coconut oil - there's all manner of oils out there which not only do wonders for your skin, but offer a cheaper alternative to the vast selection of skincare products.

Coconut oil is becoming widely available in supermarkets, though I picked mine up at a local wholefoods store at £8 for a 450g tub.


Alright, so as much as I adore coconut oil, it's not the be all and end all. This Clarins cleansing milk is a favourite of mine, and has been for about 7 years now. It has a super soft, creamy and calming texture, with an amazing (but subtle) scent that reminds me of egg custard tarts. And god damn if I don't just LOVE egg custard tarts. Mmmm.. delish.

You can pick this little touch of tarty heaven up from Boots for £19, but watch out for the cleansing milk + toner gift sets - these usually retail around £22 and come with a neat little Clarins toiletry bag to boot.


If you'd mentioned the idea of 'chemical exfoliators' a year ago, I probably would have thought you were trying to burn my face off. Turns out, they're pretty jazzy! Gycolic acid is a type of ingredient known as an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), which in low(ish) concentrations works to "reduce cell adhesion in the top layer of the skin" (thanks, wikipedia!). In short, they exfoliate the top layer of skin to leave your face all silky soft, in one simple sweep of a pad. They also contain a great ingredient called hyaluronic acid. HA occurs naturally in the body, and is used in skincare for it's ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water, making it a fantastic little moisture boost. 

NIP+FAB Gycolic fix pads are available from Superdrug for £12.95, but keep an eye out for offers.


I initially purchased this when my eczema made quite a grand appearance and I was desperate for something soothing. Avene as a brand is dedicated to providing skincare for the more delicate amongst us, and this stuff is no exception. Even though my eczema's taken a back seat lately (PRAISE THE LORD), I still use this as my daily moisturiser because in addition to being very inoffensive but super moisturising, it's also great value at £11.50 for 200mL. I could write praises about Avene for days because I've yet to try a bad product, but this stands out as a go-to daily favourite.

Avene emollient cream is available from Escetual.


This little tub of creamy goodness is a fairly recent addition to my skincare arsenal, and continues the foray in French pharmacy brands started by Avene. LRP interested me as a brand because their extensive range of products appear very tailored to particular skincare concerns, making it easy to find the right product for you. I settled for the Nutritic intense riche cream as I wanted something to use at night, and the fact that this contains lipids (something eczematous skin lacks) seems to make my face pretty happy. Plus I have a bit of a thing for products in glass jars - it just feels that bit more luxurious. Another similar product is the Extremely Rich Compensating Cream from Avene, which also comes with a dandy little spatula!

La Roche-Posay Nutritic Intense Riche is available from Escentual for £16.50.

As much as I love a bargain, it's certainly worth spending that little bit more sometimes. I personally feel that brands such as Avene and La Roche-Posay offer good value for somewhat luxurious but very effective products - especially compared to the price of similar offerings from brands such as Clinique or Clarins (and lets not even think about Creme de la Mer). Besides, I can't remember the last time I paid full price for these products - keep those blinkers peeled for offers, people! There's always one to be had.

That's all for now, chaps. Maybe more blush and less gunk next time?

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