Tuesday, 15 April 2014


First up, HEY Y'ALL! The time has finally come, and after years of scouring the blogosphere and acquiring all manner of ideas, inspiration, tips and tricks, it's my time to give back. So I'm making this sound far more charitable than it really is - but I do love to share my enthusiasm for any odds and sods currently capturing my attention. A quick intro, I'm Lucy, a 22 year old pharmaceutical sciences graduate in the UK. I'm perpetually skint and therefore love a bargain (with the odd exception. TREAT YO SELF). I'm engaged in a beauty battle against my very dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin, and I'm pretty keen about the science of skincare.


 I have stupid eyebrows. Really, they're just pathetic. I have undeniable soft spots for skiing (badly), cider (lots of it), and World of Warcraft (in moderation.. honestly!). I could eat Nik Naks for days.

Well, I guess that's the important stuff anyway. On with the show?

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