Tuesday, 27 May 2014


As a perpetually skint person, wishlists and internet window shopping feature fairly heavily in my life. In fact, this has only gotten worse since I regularly started following various blogs, and suddenly my wishlists started leeching off of other people's wishlists - not that this is particularly problematic, as I still don't have a pound to my name to actually buy any of these things. It's just super duper miserable.


On that fairly dreary note, I am going to start this list with something that's been riding high at the top of my wishlist for many moons now. After months of lusting and fruitless searches for a bargain bin dupe, I caved in to my first mid end lipstick purchase in several years (love me them high street goodies). It's the one, the only..

#1 It's.. MAC Heroine.


I'll endeavour to add some swatches when it's not 10pm and I'm wearing something other than my fluffiest jimmy jams, but you don't have to do a lot of Googling to see just how popular this shade is, and why. A gorgeous true purple shade that seems to compliment any skin tone, this is a matte finish lipstick which applies smoothly, appears opaque in one coat, and (cue fanfare) ISN'T DRYING! This is all truly wonderful given that I had a love affair with Revlon's matte balm in Shameless prior to purchasing this, and as much as I adore it, it is most definitely patchy (though certainly not the worst offender in the matte balm range), and seems to suck the moisture from my lips in no time. It is half the price of MAC's offering, but given how hooked I am on this shade, I have no qualms about dropping £15. Plus, after weeks of uhmming and ahhing, I ended up getting the last one in store. So, meant to be. True luv, 4eva and alwayz, etc.

#2 New Barry M Gelly and Matte nail polishes.

Alright, so the Barry M polishes probably make up the bulk content of about 90% of beauty blogs across the land (no exaggeration. For realisies). But, in good reason. Nothing beats the Gelly polishes for me in terms of quality to price ratio, particularly when they're inevitably on offer somewhere (3 for 2, GET AT ME). But while I am pretty keen for the new Gelly shades (Almond and Elderberry in particular), I'm super pumped for the new matte shades. Their current matte range is limited to very muted tones, so it's really nice to see a pop of colour being injected. I'm all over the two shades on the left (Rhossili and Waikki), which I think will look great together for some insanely summery nail art. PUMPED.

#3 Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock Gel Liner Pen

This is not something I actually have any need for, given that I am well and truly devoted to Maybelline's gel liner in the pot. However, it's caught my attention as the only current alternative to the brand spanking new  Benefit 'They're Real Push-up Liner'. Both are silicone tipped gel liner pens, potentially bringing together the precision of pen liners, but with the intensity and smooth application of a gel liner. Potentially. In theory. There's no way I'll be shelling out for the Benefit offering (I feel that as a brand they're severely overpriced for the quality of their products.. though I am a total sucker for their box blushes), so I'm intrigued to try the Maybelline version. Who knows, it could be an eye liner revelation (but, realistically, probs not).

After a spell of life in monochrome, my wardrobe is crying out to its roots and demanding some lurid shades again. While I'm not sure that PVC is an entirely summer appropriate material, I am totally in love with the colour and texture of this skirt. Plus, I feel like this in combination with the much loved MAC lipstick mentioned above, plus the new Barry M purple matte shade is a sure-fire winner. Total eyesore? Well yes, probably - but that's my jam. 

Apparently I have unacceptably specific requirements with regards to denim shorts, given that the only pair I actually like on the entirety of the internet are SOLD OUT. But man, they're just the right length - full coverage of the buttocks and that scary bit of upper thigh, but without encroaching in to mum short territory. No irritating extra details - rips and patterns and sparkly shit. Got that sweet little turn up that I'm all about. Not abysmally priced (I refuse to pay the same or even more for shorts than I would for an actual full pair of jeans). But alas, they're not meant to be, leaving me to battle forth in this strange world.. sans denim shorts.

And so, this post comes full circle, to a place of misery and unobtainable desires.


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