Friday, 30 May 2014


It's just like when they say the movie title.. IN THE MOVIE!

But for real, storage. Sounds boring. Kind of is. Now, I'm not talking about those fancy pants acrylic storage systems or a dedicated set of drawers for those of you who actually have the commitment not to chuck all your cosmetic possessions in to one collective heap. Cos, you know.. that's my style. But man, if I'm not just a total sucker for a fancy make up bag. My long term favourite is a little Catseye number, which are lovely, but not particular cheap for a thing to put other things in. So let me introduce you to a little place called Artscow. On the surface, a resource for people to get photos of their little munchkin printed on a mug or mousemat* for all the family. In reality, a glorious wealth of infinite make up bag possibilities. Now, look at those prices you say! BUT WAIT! There is literally no need to pay more than $0.99 for any of the shit on that site. NO JOKE. 60p BAGS FOR DAYS. A cursory Google should stump up an available code for you in next to no time.

I found out about these little delights though the MakeupAddiction sub over at Reddit, where everyone and their nan is boasting one. Check out this link for a selection of people's past designs if you're after a little inspiration - the possibilities are endless, and frequently hilarious. Mine hasn't come through yet (they come from Hong Kong, so in addition to having to wait for your individual design to be printed, delivery is definitely on the slow side), but I went for a little Adventure Time themed number - because I'm a child, and Princess Bubblegum is my homegurl.

*Nowt wrong with mousemats, by the way. I use a glass desk which doesn't compute well with optical mice, so I went for an Archer themed number to replace my current nail polish stained monstrisity. 60p, why the heck not eh.

So whether you're actually in the market for a new makeup bag or not, there's very little excuse not to jump on this train. Go on, folks..

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